Purveyors of Sonic Excellence Since 1993

Metropolis Mastering was founded in 1993 by Ian Cooper, Tony Cousins and Tim Young. Their motivation was simple: to create top quality audio to a standard never previously achieved. With the addition of more world-class engineers, Metropolis Mastering is still raising standards and levels of expectation internationally.

The five mastering suites were designed and built to the highest possible specification, offering the best environment for critical listening, equipped with some of the most sought after equipment around and some of the UK’s most well-respected engineers. Our sole aim is to make your music the best it can possibly be. Industry leaders PMC describe our mastering suites as, “the best audio environments in the world.”

Whatever your requirements, our audio engineers will create the optimum sound that works best for your latest project. 

All of our rooms have PMC Monitoring, Prism ADA converters and a range of analogue EQs and compressors from Sontec, Avalon, Summit, Manley, Maselec and Shadow Hills. Our digital equipment includes kit by Daniel Weiss, Waves, and TC Electronic. Three of our mastering rooms are purpose built for 5.1 surround sound and we have two customised Neumann VMS80 lathes for cutting vinyl.