Andy 'Hippy' Baldwin

Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin first stepped into the studios here at Metropolis in 1996 as an apprentice, working his way up to a fully-fledged audio mastering engineer.

After Hippy’s graduation from the University of Greenwich, he started with us in the Production Room before progressing to the Mastering Studio. Having grown up on the underground club scene, Hippy began working with many up-and-coming independent recording artists, a number of which went on to be signed to major labels.

This gave Hippy the idea to pioneer a service at Metropolis Mastering known as Unsigned Mastering. This opened up the mastering world to a wider range of artists, and the service has proven to be extremely successful.

As well as working with many newer acts (Dama Scout, White Kite, Beachtape, The Mothers Earth Experiment), Hippy has worked with a number of his musical influences including The Who, Blur and The Orb.


Selected Projects

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