Maz Murad

Mazen Murad is a Surround Sound audio mastering specialist, with extensive experience across many prestigious projects. He joined the Metropolis Mastering team in 2005.

After studying Music Production at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, Mazen Murad began his professional audio career in 1991. He began to work at various studios around Sydney and in 1996 Mazen joined the Mastering Department at EMI Studios 301. It was his recording and mixing experience that became a valuable asset to his burgeoning career as an audio mastering engineer.

In 2001, Mazen’s reputation for initiative and professional work ethic made him the consummate choice to head a newly established Mastering facility at Studios 301 Cologne, Germany. After three years in Germany, he crossed the English Channel to join Whitfield Street Studios in Central London.

Further establishing his career in the United Kingdom, two years later Mazen was invited to join Metropolis, Europe’s leading Mastering facility. Since joining the Metropolis Mastering team, Mazen has worked with a diverse range of artists including Sade, M.I.A, Björk, Muse and The Rolling Stones.

His reputation for combining technology and creativity, particularly in the areas of 5.1 Mastering for Blu-Ray, DVD and SACD makes him highly sought after by many prestigious international clients. He is renowned for his unique algorithm of stereo to 5.1 upmixing, as heard on projects for artists such as Elbow, Take That and Korn.


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